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Ep003: What Does Julie Stoian, a ClickFunnels Guru, think of the Future of Digital Marketing?



About Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian is a bold and brutally honest digital marketing consultant and tech coach, making her mark on the internet through her popular brand Create Your Laptop Life™. Julie has inspired and equipped thousands of up and coming business owners with the skills and strategies they need to create, build, and grow profitable online businesses. Julie has been featured on media outlets like Anderson LIVE, BBC World Have Your Say, and Rachel Ray, as well as numerous business and marketing podcasts and blogs such as Content Academy, Boss Moms, GoDaddy Garage Blog, and Funnelhacker Radio. tech and strategy. Off the Internet, she is a mom of four, a musician, foodie, and theater buff.


Show Transcript:

00:00 – You know, Kelly Garrett and I get to introduce you to someone I’ve followed online for quite a while. Julie Stoian, she is the digital marketer and tech coach. Hey there, Julie, welcome.

00:13 – Hey, thanks for having me. So happy to be here.

00:15 – Yeah, isn’t it fun people, if you can just think about how schedules go and people showing up and not showing up on both of our world and then trying to just smash it all together. We just do that, right? We just go. So for those in the audience, you might not know who you are and don’t love you like I do. To give us a basic introduction of your current company, what you’re currently doing and uh, you know, a little bit about how you got there. Yeah.

00:46 – So I run a business and lifestyle brand called create your laptop life that provides digital marketing training and courses and masterminds for people who want to build their laptop life. Essentially. I started as a service provider. So I did web design, copy, social media, sales funnels, you name it. I did it. It created a pretty good skill set and I had a lot of practice so that when I transitioned over to teacher, instructor and coach, it was a natural transition. So that’s Kinda how I started. It took me a long time. For many years I was only making a little bit of money until I realized that marketing was actually where the money was and I transitioned, made a lot of money as a marketer and a. and now I teach others how to do the same.

01:29 – Yeah. Who, yeah, I think that’s my elevator pitch and it gives us all, you know, that’s what we all strive for, right? We get our own skills. We figured out how to do this kind of stuff. We do great at it, figure it all out and do it for clients and then teach other people how to do it. Exactly. Yeah. So, with that in mind, what, what caused you to choose this industry? Oh, it was a complete accident.

01:58 – The thing in my life is a total accident. I looked back and like, oh, that looks like I planned it and I did not. My degree is in psychology, so I’ve always been fascinated with human behavior, the human brain, which is really pretty close to marketing. It’s just, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a real good match and I also just have always been a tech nerd, like even when I was little, I loved video games and Super Mario brothers and like where in the world is Carmen San Diego? So I’ve always loved human psychology. Yeah, I know, right. So, as I develop my skill set I found I was good at design and writing and, and I still loved the whole tech and the two just kind of came together.

02:41 – So along that whole line though, what kinds of obstacles did you come up against as that was kind of transforming and creating a different path in your life? What obstacles did you come up against and how did you kind of get passed on?

02:57 – Yeah, so the big obstacle came in 2014. I was a stay at home mom, so I was just doing this as a side hustle and my husband had insurance, a job, all that stuff. And I ended up divorced and pregnant at the same time and I was like, this is awkward and really difficult. And so I had to quickly figure out if I don’t hurry up and get a job, like people are gonna, see my stomach and then there’s not going to hire me even though that’s illegal. That’s what’s going to happen. We all know this gonna happen.

03:30 – I’m right there with you. I was actually five months pregnant so I couldn’t hide it.

03:35 – Yeah, yeah. Well this was my fourth kid so it was hard to hide that 12 weeks I was, I was like showing it three weeks. So I got a temporary job because it was like a six month, 10th position at a college as a marketing in the marketing department. And I was like, that’s perfect. Like I’m going to have a baby in six months. And so I did that and I moonlighted my business to try to generate enough business referral revenue so that when that job ended in six months in the hospital with me having a baby, I’d have something to go back to a. So it was crazy. I don’t recommend it.

04:10 – No. I was laid off when I was about four months pregnant and yeah, I had to go out there and I’m like, okay, is there like camouflage maternity clothes somewhere? Exactly. It’s like what you have to do sometimes. Yeah. So wow. I know, you know, we talked about obstacles. We talked about how we overcome them, but really the key to all of that is what you learned through that process and what. So what did you learn going through all of that?

04:43 – Yeah. So I learned that what you focus on grows and at some point in my maternity leave, so I had saved up enough money for my maternity leave and I realized that when I went back, I went back to work for like six weeks. I found a job and I realized I was focusing on my job and my business was not doing what it needed to do. And so I took a really big risk and I quit because I knew that if I could take a hundred percent of my brain power and my energy and my focus and my attention and, and frankly light a fire under my ass, like now I had no choice that I, that would be the condition under which my business grew and it was true. And you see it happen again and again and again, like when people don’t have skin in the game, when they don’t have their focus, they just meander on, you know, and their dreams for years and it doesn’t have to be that way. Right,

05:37 – Totally. That’s the hardest part though, really finding out that is. Yeah. Well, because there are so many things we could follow and oh well I can do that. And so I totally get it. Totally agree. You know, marketing since we’re all in that same boat, in that same industry, we pretty strong feelings about it. I know you do too. What drives you flip and nuts about this industry? What just drives you nuts?

06:07 – Oh, just the lying, like you know, just the does, just the out and out lying, you know, people will post screenshots and luxury pictures and I have no problem if you want to go spend money on a rolex, but it’s like, it’s like everyone’s like, numbers don’t lie. Well they actually do like, this drives me bananas. When somebody post a screenshot of a facebook ad, they just put up and so sometimes facebook ads look really good when they first start, you know that somebody shares it, something happens, it gets, you get a good cost per lead. They do this all the time. They screenshot it, they show it, they look, look, I’m getting fifty cents a lead. I’m like, that facebook’s Ad has been on for three hours. Like of course it’s fifty cents a lead. You’re just told all your friends to comment on it, you know, it’s not like it’s. Yes. So it has the appearance of realness because it’s a screenshot and it’s math. It’s just not true. And this happens just like again and again and again. It’s like, look at my stripe account out of $40,000 a day. It’s like, yeah, I know. But then you didn’t do anything for the next four months. Like you’re not pulling $40,000 days every day. Oh my God. I could just go on. Don’t get me started.

07:18 – No, dude, we love it. We totally do because we’re in this world, right? And it is a world where people were, you know, influence matters. And the, the farther our reach looks like we matter more, you know, all that stuff. But you’re right, it’s fake. So how do you get over that then? How do you, I know you’re just real. You just say it like it is. So I know that’s how you get over it, but how do you get people to understand the difference besides just screaming it at them and maybe we just need to keep screaming it out? Yep.

07:54 – I don’t know. This is something I’m still battling with because I. because there’s a dance in marketing, because in marketing your whole job is to sell things so you have to sell the benefits because nobody likes parting with money, so you have to show the possibility. That’s part of our job as a marketer to show what’s possible, to show what they can have and then like coupling that with the reality that it’s going to take a lot of work to get there. I don’t really know how to solve the problem of the general marketing industry as a whole. I just know for me, I find that it works better when I show them. Yeah, look, I have a great house. Yeah, I have money in the bank. Yeah, look, I can do this, but that takes a lot of work to get there, but if you want to get there like we can help you get there. Just be prepared to work hard and that just makes all the difference. If you just prepare people that it’s gonna be hard work

08:51 – And I think it’s so important that there’s people like you out there, these things out loud because we all drive ourselves crazy when you’re watching these different posts and these different revenue posts about I a. yeah, like you said, $40,000 in a day.

09:06 – Really? What’s the story behind that? It’s like they signed one $30,000 high end client, right? Yep. That’s what happened. It made one sale, so I always say I always say my biggest accomplishment as a marketer, like I’ve done, I’ve got the big numbers, the flashy numbers and I use them when I need to, but the biggest accomplishment for me has been taking somebody who literally has no idea what a funnel is, what online marketing is, and help them build a business that makes them five to $10,000 a month. That is my greatest accomplishment. Far beyond the million dollar funnels and $100,000 months and all that kind of stuff and it drives me crazy sometimes that people don’t see that because my results don’t seem as sexy like, no, but I’ve got like 100 women who now have sustainable businesses who didn’t know anything about funnels or ads or anything. Like that’s massive, you know, so I just preach it to myself into my little thrive and was like, this is so cool. You know,

10:08 – Changing people’s lives, helping people change their own lives. That’s really the most incredible feeling you could ever have. Beyond anything I can ever. By the time that someone came up to me and said how much a book I had written impacted their lives, I don’t care how much money I made from that book and I didn’t make a lot. Let me tell Ya.

10:31 – I think that that’s where you stand out when you’re doing this business is like, are you doing it just for the money but they get rich quick for some sort of status or do you have another mission? And if the people who have another mission or the people who ended up making hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, last beyond the trend or the fad of the moment,

10:51 – I was just thinking when you were talking about, you know, your tribe of people that you’re taking from not knowing anything to be having a successful business is, is, isn’t it amazing that we live in a time where that’s possible 10 years ago, no way. That would’ve been such a hard business to have and to reach that many people.

11:11 – So it’s just, I counted, I have people like I have a client that’s in Saudi Arabia, like I’m teaching a woman in Saudi Arabia how to build her business. Like what world am I in? This is crazy. I’ve done it in India, I’ve done it in Pakistan, I’ve done it in the UK and Canada. Like women who wouldn’t have had opportunities, but because of the Internet they do, they find me, they hire me. I help them. Like another woman in Saudi Arabia, she just needs to make a thousand dollars a month to live. I totally can teach you how to make a thousand dollars a month on the Internet. It’s like life changing for these people. It’s not very sexy on a testimonial card, but it’s freaking awesome.

11:55 – It is. Those of us who get it. Yeah. Well, yeah. I know. I’m preaching to the choir. I’ll take that any day for sure. And I think that’s kind of true about this industry to a lot of the people in our everyday lives don’t get what we do and they don’t, they don’t understand it. And so you do kind of have to come together with, with the rest of the geeks and you know, and share it and find your tribe.

12:22 – Find the people, the podcasters, the bloggers who really, who really embraced that message, you know, because in the marketing industry you can, you can go find the Tai Lopez is all the, all the live long day. But there are people like you guys like me who, who are really trying to make meaningful marketing, you know, and, and it’s, it’s, it’s real messages. It’s the truth. It’s yes, we love the big crazy numbers, but we also love the small wins too because those are just as powerful.

12:53 – I think we’re all gonna have to go out. I think probably all three of us, at least the bells went off in my head. We’re going to have to go see him. Is the meaningful Take it right. Isn’t that crazy? That’s the first place. That’s amazing. All right, well we got it. We got out later, but. Okay, so we’re talking about the future. All right, so we’ve talked a bit about the past and we’ve talked about what really bugs us. I think we all agree, but what’s coming in the future? So what do you see? Where do you see the, where do you see marketing going? Where do you see the future of marketing taking us?

13:30 – You know, I think that we’ve hit a peak of noise, right? And everyone’s like, oh my gosh, there’s so much noise, there’s so much content, and I think what’s going to happen is eventually all the tactics that have worked for the last 10 years because the Internet’s new. I mean, facebook is only what like 10 years old or 13 years old at this point. It’s like 13 years old. All those tactics are not gonna like we’re gonna have ad blindness, we’re going to have marketing blindness. Remember when you used to have the Google ads and you’d click on them and then then we got to ad blockers and we realized that we could just ignore all that noise and keep keep reading. I think a lot of those tactics are going to go by the wayside and what’s going to remain is the human component to marketing and I think that humans with really good authentic messages, personalized response and segmentation to people where they are at and what they need at that moment is going to continue to rise above the noise.

14:31 – I just thought of a drinking game for this summit. Totally random. That drinking game for the summit is personalization. The words personalization and take a shot every time. Is it? Why is it? Am I. I don’t know. Have you had a lot of interviews? Is everyone saying this is nothing like you are spot on. You’re clearly a feature as well. All be drunk. Yes. The key like that is such the key.

15:00 – Be ahead and, and being relevant to people is, is having that human, you know, the thing is like we all want everything to be automated and that’s awesome. Like, but automation without the human connection just doesn’t have the same impact. And so, you use the automation so that you can be more human. It’s like that’s the point of automation. It’s not to scale to $80,000,000,000 an hour. It’s like let’s automate all of these tasks so that I have more time to be human to the customers and the people that I serve. And I just feel like so many people miss that they like, they think, Ooh, automate. So I go sit on the beach, no automated. So you can go be with your people. I’m going to go live on facebook. You guys got it.

15:49 – They all fire unless you, unless your people are starfish and you just want to sit on the beach with the starfish, go do that, which you won’t have me there. So Hey, you know the, I agree, we agree we are 100 percent on board, I swear to God this is preaching to the choir, but what are the pitfalls of that? So we want to be personal, but we want to also automate. We want to segment what we want to be personal. I mean it’s like I feel like I’m bringing myself into a circle there. What are some of the pitfalls that we’re going to have to overcome to be able to do that?

16:25 – Yeah. Well you need. Well, I mean aside from the fact that you need really the right tools, you need to stop Janka finding all these crappy tools that don’t work and just get the right tools that will really help you do this. That’s the first thing. But I think the second thing is, you know, figure out who you can serve at that deepest level and don’t be afraid to charge for it. So like you could spend all this time, hold on my calendar, just move everything. Just moved to my computer and you could spend all this time automating so that you could just like sell $37 products all the live long day or you could be like, what can I do that would just like below these people’s minds and like be the highest level. In fact, I went to an inner circle meeting and I sell a program right now. It’s around $2,000. And the guy said to me, he’s like doing a million dollars a month or something stupid. He’s like, just charge 10 K in, deliver so much more than what you’re delivering now. It sounds so simple. But it was like I could and I could make the same amount of money work and probably work less because I’d only be working with a smaller group of people, but they would have a massive, a much bigger impact. Yeah.

17:35 – Yeah. So it stops people from doing that.

17:40 – Well, I think, I think there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of bad taste in people’s mouths about charging high prices for masterminds, for coaching for because they’ve been burned. But that’s because the expectation doesn’t match the price tag, but when you’re an honest marketer or a meaningful marketer, a, you don’t have to worry about that. And I think it’s a, it’s a combination of impostor syndrome and the fear that people aren’t going to believe that that’s a really good value. And, and, and, or that you just haven’t thought of it. Like, I mean I remember when I charged a thousand dollars for a website and I thought that was so much money, do you know what I mean? Like, and then I charged 2000 and that was so much money and then I charged three and then four and then five is like what happened along that path that changed my mindset about it because I can sell $5,000 websites all the live long day now, but I couldn’t do years ago.

18:32 – All between the ears, you know, it is. And you can’t jump. You can’t jump from $5,000,000,000 website to a $5,000.

18:42 – Yeah. You can’t make that leap. And sometimes people just, they just, you know, to be honest, the people just want the shortcuts. The fast cuts and there’s not anything worth doing, doesn’t really have a shortcut.

18:57 – We’ve all made babies. You can’t do that in a short period of time. It takes nine months and then you’re going to have the worst pain of your whole freaking life to get it out. And then you’re not going to sleep for six months, maybe a year. Just prepare anything worth doing. Hello? So let’s wind it down. I mean, obviously we could talk to you all day long, but I know you’ve got places to go and things to do and things to do, all the live long day. So, what kind of a tool or a tip can someone in the audience use right now to give them that futurist advantage?

19:37 – Well, this is not very futurist. This is biblical, but it’s like what you sow into the ground, you reap, you know, it’s like this. If you’re going to put an apple seed in the ground, you’re going to get an apple tree. And that’s not futurist, but it is timeless and it’s still true. So if you want to be a marketing master in three years, you’ve got a Sodo seeds right now today, like you do not wait, do not pass, go do not collect $200 to go do it right now because everybody sees these big dreams and those big dreams only happen. It’s like there’s got to be a movie that does that where it’s like every step you make today changes what that picture is on the screen in the future. And so if you want to, if you want to be ahead of the curve, it’s not necessarily about like making sure you can anticipate what’s the next big thing in marketing, but it’s about sowing what you’ve got today because that will come back to you and I just got off the phone with 10 people for a high end mastermind.

20:38 – I closed seven of them and one of the people in my team. So Julie, you make it look so easy. And the other person said no. The reason why it’s easy is because of the years that you have been sowing into these people, the three years prior. That’s why I came. That’s why I can do this and and, and so that’s my, that’s my, my biblical future tip. I love that because how often does the Hes, does history repeat itself and the future is just building upon the past, so that’s completely irrelevant. I can just see a screen in the future like we’ve seen in back to the future movies and all that kind of stuff and I can see a screen that will predict for us if we take a step to the left, what that’s gonna look like around the corner to the right, what that’s gonna look like around the corner.

21:30 – I mean, you know, it’s, you’re exactly right. Your right relationships. So the seeds now and just keep moving forward as your authentic self. I mean, come on guys. It’s pretty, it’s very, it’s not easy, but it is simple. They’re not the same. It’s really simple, but it’s just not easy. People get those words mixed up. Quite often they do. It’s like making a baby is, is easy and, and simple, but it’s actually not easy at all. Like when once you have that baby thing you’ve ever done your whole life and then watching them start planning to leave home. Yeah. Don’t start. Don’t start. I. Nothing I’ve done with my kids is anywhere near as hard as that. It really. I’ll take the sleepless nights and new day because that is like, are you kidding me? You want to live here forever, right? No, that would be freaking out, but that’s all right. When they start shaving and things, it kind of prepares you because then you go to the bathroom and go, what the heck? Clean it up or leave. Anyway. All right Julie. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me. We are coming into the future fast and furious, so we’re so glad we have you with us. Awesome. Thanks.