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Ep000: Discover What the Future of Marketing and Technology Holds For All of Us



Show Transcript

00:00 - Hey there futurists, I'm MKJ.

00:03 - And I'm Kelly, and welcome to our very first episode of marketing futurist.

00:08 - And you know, something I really cannot believe the journey that we've been on now to have our own podcast - and it all started way back before. But this podcast came from a summit we started that started from a visit we had to San Francisco that started from...I mean, let's just go back and talk about how this whole thing started. We're talking a year and a half ago.

00:34 - And it's so funny how things just line up like that. And especially in business, you can't tell what the year and a half ahead of you is going to be, but when you look back and everything lined up exactly as it was supposed to be. That's so amazing.

00:50 - Yeah, it's really incredible. So we both joined Andrew Warner's Bot Academy. He started the first cohorts. I didn't even know what that word meant until I heard him say we were the first cohort of his training and he started it back in January of 2017. We actually started our course February of 2017 and we just started building bots and, having fun and getting to know each other and there were less than 50 people.

01:22 - And there were females. So I think you and I took to each other immediately.

01:29 - Yeah. It was amazing. And then we were interacting in the group and getting along and building bots and learning from each other and coming from our own experiences with marketing, which is of course very important with bots. It's not really about the BOT, right? It's about what you put in it. Then Andrew ended the formal training part with a contest. Tell everybody what that contest was about and how it went.

01:56 - So I remember when Andrew mentioned the contest, he was gonna have a contest to see who could build the best bot in the group and fly that person to San Francisco to hang out with him and other tech people in the San Francisco tech scene. And Oh my gosh, when I saw that contest go up, I was like, I want that. I'm going to win. And, I remember telling my husband, okay, there's this contest and I'm really going to enter, is it okay if I spend the next week, like just immersed in this, can you watch the kids? And he was on board with that and I think we were both kind of like, if I don't win, no big deal, but at least we can take a week to kind of put in the work for it. So I was up the night before it was due, just trying to finish up some last minute things. And you know, I think there was some sort of glitch or whatever, like there always is, when you're entering a contest.

03:06 - My husband was sitting next to me on the couch and we were just both tired as can be, but I'm like, no, I'm finishing this. I'm getting it up there. And it finally finished downloading or whatever it was doing. I entered the contest and Andrew announced it on our next group call and I was in the middle of taking my daughter to dance lessons. So I was having a hard time participating in the call and everything. I remember there was one point where I was switching over... This is getting to be a long story.

03:42 - I gotta tell Ya. So those of you listening and watching this - you have to think about the opportunities that are presented to you and how seriously you take them and how serendipitous they are, because they can direct the next phase of your life. So yes, it's a long story. But I'm telling you, listen, because it, it has an amazing ending. So go for it.

04:09 - So, fast forward I won the contest. He flew me out to San Francisco and invited Mary to join and she met me there. We hung out for a few days and we had the time of our lives. Andrew introduced us to Mikael Yang and Dan Gamito who were an integral part to the ManyChat team. If you know anything about ManyChat, you probably know who those guys are. And we had this dinner that I will never ever forget.

04:47 - It was one of those dinners that you dream of having. If you're anything like us, you love the creative side in addition to the nuts and bolts details. So getting down into the tech and putting this here and putting that there. But it starts with the creative. It starts with the big picture and those are the kinds of dinners that are crazy amazing to me. When you're just talking high concepts. And what if we did this and what if we did that and, and what if the world worked this way and just putting that stuff out there into the universe. And it's amazing how when you put those things out there, they actually start manifesting because that's exactly what happened during this dinner. And my road to that contest was a little different from Kelly's.

05:36 - I didn't put any effort into my bot at all except when I first started it and I did this whole flow and did all these things and just left it alone because I was doing other things. And so in the contest I didn't really prepare for it necessarily except to just put stuff up that I thought people would need to know to get through my bot. And I had no expectation of winning. I definitely wanted to because I wanted to go hang out in San Francisco. But I knew I didn't put the work in. So there was no reason for me to actually hope beyond hope. And I knew, I knew based on what Kelly had done, the incredible stuff that she had done with her bot that she was going to win. And it was incredible that Andrew even invited me there and the only reason he did was probably because he knew I lived so close, I'm only about two hours away and I had also been integral in getting clients from very beginning.

06:36 - So he wanted to talk to me about that. And so, I'm very fortunate that I had a different approach to being able to hang out with Andrew, but to that dinner, being able to sit across from Mikael Young and Dan and have them show us some of the things that they were working on with the actual platform of ManyChat before they went live was, was so instrumental in me feeling so confident and excited about the direction of chatbots. Didn't you? Didn't you kind of get that idea through the haze of alcohol and food? Absolutely.

07:18 - I think, you know, it was one of those times where everybody is just in the zone. You know, like time could have been moving around us and we wouldn't have any idea. We were just all there and excited about what we were talking about and I think that just speaks to when you have a group of people that are on the same page and on the same wavelength as you are, you know that there's something to it. It's not just a crazy fly by night idea that that when you can bring together people and share that same excitement and that same mindset about things, you know, that there's something.

07:58 - Yeah, and then at that meeting, we were there for about a week and so during that time, I think the last day as we were leaving Andrew's office at the last day and you were going to go fly out and I was going to go get in my car and drive back home, you just made a comment and said, you know, it would be really amazing if we could do an online summit and talk to some of these amazing people. You just put that out there. And I went, wow, that would be incredible. Do you want help with that? Would you like me to participate in that? And you said, yeah, that'd be amazing. And here we are. Here we are. We've got together. So some of the people because of that, because of that summit and it was basically us interviewing these incredible minds that we had been exposed to through chatbots and through this whole world of marketing and chatbots. We were able to put together this roster of, and again, I can't even think of them other than to say incredible minds and we had so much fun doing that, that, we had to just continue this conversation and we couldn't let that stop.

09:15 - Absolutely. And goodness, Mary, there were so many times when you and I were up late and we were exchanging conversations and asking ourselves if this is worth it, you know, this was in addition to the businesses that we were running and maybe we should just quickly give everybody a little bit of information about what makes us credible. Of course we made cool bots and we've been working, you know, in bots for awhile, but in addition, I have a marketing agency that I'm running and, what about you, what was your background?

09:44 - Well in online business since 2003 in ecommerce, in consulting, in courses and podcasting. And then finally in 2016, I started a full on marketing agency and then bots hit and I just went, this is, this is it. I can't just do generalized marketing anymore. I specifically focused on messenger marketing or at least automated text like chatbots. And that's, that's what I do. Right?

10:21 - And so I remember, you know, there were so many times when you and I were like, oh my gosh, we were so tired and this is going to be so hard to do, but we have to do it. Especially once we started getting traction from these people that we were bringing together to just expand everyone else's mind, to listen to their brilliance and allow that to just penetrate and expand everybody's mind. So you know, these first few episodes that we're going to show you, these are the people that we brought onto the summit and we're so excited to share it with you because you will hear from some amazing people. You'll here from Andrew Warner, Mikael Yang, Brennan Dunn, Julie Stoian, Roberto Blake, Bob Jenkins and Jaime Masters. And that's not even the end of the list. These people are just brilliant and I can't remember how many times you and I would get done with the call and just our jaws just dropped.

11:19 - We were like, not only are we blown away by what this person just talked about and again guys, what you're hearing is the future of marketing. This is what we're talking about, the future of marketing and it is now and the purpose of this whole thing is to give all of us an advantage to actually pick these people's brains and say, what are you working on? What do you think is going to be happening? We had the opportunity to do that. So not only were we blown away by what they said, but then, you and I would look at each other and go, how the heck did we land here and actually get to talk to this amazing person, right?

12:03 - Yeah, absolutely. And it's not that we're just sitting on the sidelines and witnessing conversations, you know, you said the future of marketing is here.

12:13 - Now we want to bring this to you so that you can be the future of marketing. You know, let's not just listen and observe, but let's take action. And there are so many ideas that came out of these interviews that we're implementing and we're excited to help other people implement too. I got to tell you, the number one thing that stands out in my mind that I'm not too eager to implement, but I'm eager to explore, is when Jaime Masters talked about having chips embedded in her body.

12:50 - Why would that be a good thing? Immediately my fear pops up, but now after thinking about it, I'm like, you know, now there's a lot coming out in a lot of publications in marketing about that very thing and talking about the benefits of it and the Internet of things and how we can walk onto a subway without having to worry about getting tickets or anything like that and everything being connected now. I'm still not sure about embedding something in my body, but even recently there was a ring that basically is all coated with your stuff and you just show the ring and you've got access. That's kind of a less invasive idea with that for sure. I can definitely start with that. But, yes, it's conversations like that and she didn't just say it to be dramatic or sensational.

13:42 - This was, she had purpose behind it. She had thought this out. She had already investigated the tech. These are the kinds of conversations we're having. These aren't just sensational conversations. There are things that people are working on right now like Brennan Dunn with Right Message that was before Right Message was even even launched that we talked to him and now it's launched and going amazing places, doing some incredible things and Drip and all that. You need people listening to us. We are the future of marketing. We all of us and we can contribute into this and basically our purpose. What we're excited to do with this podcast as an extension of the original summit we did is to bring you a futurist advantage. That is it. That's what we're here to do. So if that's what you're interested in, this is only the beginning my friends. All those people we talked about, you're going to hear from them and you're going to hear exactly the things that Kelly and I have been diving into over the last year, year and a half, and we are so excited. You're here because we need your input. We can't create the future of marketing. We can't get this futurist advantage without you. So are you ready to jump on board? Are you ready to join us on this incredible rocket ship and get the advantage for yourself? If you are, I hope you hang on for the ride.